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Farmhouse Kitchen
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Farmhouse Kitchen BBQ invites guests to enjoy an appetizing blend of Southern BBQ and North Idaho flavors, with delicious local meats that is smoked for days. We strive to source as many local ingredients as possible to create a better experience for you, our guest.

We continue to grow and expand. And we look forward to developing relationships with our customers, friends, and family.

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Menu Options

There is something for everybody!

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Give the gift of food!

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How it Works:

As you step inside, our team can’t wait to greet you with warm smiles. Get ready for a fun adventure – you’ll place your order at our quick service counter, you’ll be handed a drink cup, and the choice of your favorite soda from our fountain is all yours. It’s like an interactive journey where you get to be in control.

Now, head over to our comfy tables – your cozy little haven while you wait for the magic to happen. In no time, one of our fantastic team members will arrive with your scrumptious meal. We’re all about making dining an exciting experience! Our Quick Service style is all about YOU, and it’s different from your typical sit-down restaurant.

You won’t find traditional servers here, but that’s a good thing! We pride ourselves on preparing your meals fresh to order, making your dining experience both speedy and budget-friendly. And here’s the kicker: We even have food runners and bussers, so you don’t need to lift a finger except to place your order at the counter.

Why do we do it this way? Because it keeps our prices affordable and our excitement levels high. It’s a streamlined process that brings you the best of both worlds – the convenience of counter service and the unbeatable deliciousness of freshly prepared meals.

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